Why are Amazon CEO meeting up with a cryptocurrency CEO?

By: Finance World News.

A few weeks ago I received a photo from a friend on Facebook. They said that they were reading the news feed of one of the execs at Amazon.com when they noticed a photo of the CEO of Amazon standing with an Indian looking person. My friend tells me he knows who that is, that its not a company CEO standing next to Jeff Bezos, but is actually a cryptocurrency CEO named Amando Boncales.

Now this is very confusing to me. Why would the Jeff Bezos be meeting with the head of a cryptocurrency? Does Amazon have plans to use blockchain to better organize their payment systems or are they interested in it for the mechanical autonomous package robots that they are famous for using? Either way, its odd.

Who is CEO Amando Boncales? He is the creator of a blockchain called HTMLcoins, which is a hybrid blockchain that uses both Bitcoin and Ethereum code, so it can do anything those two other coins can do, but cheaper, faster. But the odd thing about this whole deal is that HTMLcoin is so cheap. Is Jeff Bezos thinking about buying it, or just happy to meet they guy? Several CEOs at the time of the photo were seen with Jeff one at a time, so maybe it was just a photo opportunity.

Another thing is that HTMLcoin CEO announced that there will be a rebranding soon. Rebranding means a big name change and new mission statements. This could be due to the CEO of Amazon buying the the HTML company outright or partnering up with them for future deals.

I sent emails to both Amazon and HTMLcoin Foundation, but has since received no replies to my questions. I guess all we can do now is wait and see.

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